Kos in n kits vir volgehoue energie

Fast food for Sustained Energy is available in Afrikaans, Kos 'n Kits vir Volgehoue Energie.


Take out's made healthy
By using ready-made foods and assembling them smartly, you can whip together a
balanced meal in a jiffy.

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Fast Food for Sustained Energy

More than a Recipe Book, Fast Food for Sustained Energy is a realistic and practical guide for people who need to eat on the run.

This book is aimed at active, on-the-go people, mothers, entrepreneurs
and professionals.

The recipes are less about preparation and cooking and more about assembling meals that are not only easy and quick but nutritious and tasty too. Enjoy takeaway foods like pizzas, hamburgers, bacon and eggs (and even muffins!)
in the right portion size and with the right accompaniments, and you can still be healthy, full of energy and keep your weight under control.

Tips about snacking from tuckshops, trolleys and vending machines.
Comprehensive ideas for smart snacking.
Tips for food at office meetings.
How to manage challenges such as business travel and eating out of home.
Innovative and easy recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner that you can prepare or assemble quickly at home or at the office.
All about ready made meals and meals in a glass.
Portion Distortion
Grab a basket – meals for a week at work (Menu plans)
Quick easy recipes, shopping lists and checklists

Fast Food For Sustained Energy is a team effort between two Johannesburg based Dietitians, Celynn Erasmus and Gabi Steenkamp. Both have a passion for healthy balanced nutritional eating with an understanding of how hard that can be to maintain in a fast paced lifestyle.

Topics Covered in the book
1. Your nutrition assessment
2. Lifestyle challenges of eating on the run
3. Breakfasts on the run
4. Lunches and Dinners on the run
5. Smart Snacking
6. Portion Distortion
7. Grab a basket – meals for a week at work
8. Recipes and checklists
Grab a Basket

Grab a basket is not about perfect nutrition but rather an attempt to address the reality that many of us do not have the time to know-how to plan and prepare healthy meals for the workplace.

The concept underlying Grab a Basket is to shop smartly once a week for specific, menu planned, healthy assembled meals and snacks for one person, for that work week.